Affirmation kits is run by me, Jacq Munro. I am a therapist and trainer based in Glasgow and Affirmation Kits came about through my therapy work. 

I was seeing some young clients around 10 and 11 years old and realised that they were having anxiety attacks, self esteem issues and confidence issues. There seemed to be little in the way of resources to help them learn how to take control of their own thoughts, beliefs and environment and so I developed the Kids Affirmation Kits. 

These were quickly followed by the Adults kits as parents realised they could benefit too. The book was not far behind. 

I have also added positive thoughts and positive posters and there is more to come so please do check back from time to time. 

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland 

What are the kids affirmation kits all about?

What's an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement that affirms a certain belief or behaviour or opinion. They should be said in the present tense as if they are already true, so ‘I am wonderful’ is an affirmation while ‘I will be wonderful’ isn’t. If you keep something in the ‘will’ then it stays, there so you have to make it in the now. Using and repeating affirmations helps us to make something we want to be true become true and helps us form a new habit, belief or behaviour.

What's your experience with problematic childhood behaviour?

My children are now 29 and 30 so are no longer kids and I was very lucky in that I took them out of school at the age of 8 and 7 to Home Educate them.

They missed out on a lot of the playground behaviours as well as the school expectations that children have to conform to and were much more able to explore their own beliefs and ideas. During their teens we did daily visualisation and mindfulness practice which allowed them to explore how their behaviours affected the world around them, particularly their own, and how they had a choice in each moment to create what they wanted.

They had the usual childhood issues like anxiety of new things, shyness, not feeling sociable and not always loving their bodies but these were passing experiences because we were able to talk very openly about them and how each of them was responsible for their own health and wellbeing, particularly their own mental health, and I was able to facilitate when they needed help exploring those issues

Is using a kit similar to therapy?

Yes and No.

Yes, in that it offers a safe and simple way to allow any kids using them, as well as parents and guardians to explore the topics that may be challenging, difficult, unfamiliar or new and to feel how the affirmations make them think and feel.

No in the sense that they are not able to tackle specific issues that need help and guidance from a professional who can hold a safe space for one-to-one work.

My child is being bullied. Will using a kit improve change this?

There are many aspects to bullying and so it is very important to understand these aspects and tackle them in the appropriate way. However, the kits can help any child to improve self-esteem, tackle fear, relieve anxiety and much more so they can certainly help improve things from the child’s point of view and may help them change their view on the bully too, but they should be used as a support tool rather than a tool for directly dealing with bullying itself.

Could one of these kits stop my child from bullying others?

Yes. Many children bully because of the way that they feel about themselves, the world around them and the information they have to help process the things that they are dealing with. By using these kits any child can learn how unique and important they are and to be able to understand that they have control over their own feelings and behaviours and can make choices that are right for them.

This can help them understand how their own behaviour affects others too and so can help them to address their bullying behaviour and to be able to speak to and seek help from an adult.

I'm struggling to communicate with my child. Can we work on a kit together? Does it matter if they show zero interest?

Yes, the kits are designed to that you can use them together. They simple and straightforward design means that you can use the chart as a progress chart and to help engage your child in conversation about some of the topics included. It can help you start a conversation about something you think they may need help with or something you want to introduce but are not sure how.

The affirmations have been written for ages 8-14 approx. and in such a way that each age group can take whatever meaning is relevant for them

My other half thinks this sort of thing is hippy nonsense. Will this have an effect on the progress my child makes?

Anything that gives a child a voice and a way to take responsibility for their own behaviours and choices can have a positive effect on their progress both socially and educationally. It is best that children have the support of their parents to do this, but it is my hope that using the kits will allow those new to this kind of work to see results first-hand and in as little as three weeks. A happy child will succeed at whatever they choose to.

Remember that anything that is stated in the present tense as a truth is an affirmation so ‘you are stupid’ or ‘that doesn’t work’ is an affirmation and if kids hear those kinds of things often enough, they start to believe them.

I run a local youth group. Could I use the kits in a different way, for instance, as discussion topics?

Absolutely – they can be used as a way to introduce new topics for discussion, choosing one set of affirmations or one particular affirmation to ask for opinions, thoughts and feelings on how each child sees them. This not only allows each child a chance to speak up and have their say but it also allows them to hear that others experience the world in their own way and may have different opinions and that its okay to have differing opinions. As a therapist I will be offering workshops myself using these kits.

Do you offer back up resources if my child and I only get so far with one of these kits and it's clear there's a recurring problem?

No. Although I am a therapist, I am not able to offer one to one help to you through this medium, however you can contact me for more information or to be signposted to a suitable organisation, professional or therapist in your area where possible.

Will these kits help a child with Autism or Asperger 's Syndrome?

There are no limits in how these kits can be used and they can be very helpful for a child who sees the world in a different way to the majority.

The simple, easy format has been devised with all children in mind and their experience of using the kits is as individual as they are. Give it a go and please feel free to offer any feedback at any time.

Should I expect to see a change in my child after we complete a kit together? Or is it something that will take a while to sink in?

I have created the 3-week chart so that each child is able to see that progress can be simple and quick but, of course, it can take longer in some circumstances. You and your child should be able to start seeing changes within just a few days, but it may take longer for each affirmation to become a belief.